Tropicraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 & 1.6.1

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If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you will love the Tropicraft mod for Minecraft. This mod whisks you away to a tropical paradise realm full of magical sunsets, strange new creatures, and adventures in the summer breeze. Expanded ores open new worlds of craftable items that will aid you in your explorations and add a ton of fun to your vanilla game experience.

Exotic Ports of Call

On starting a new world, you will notice that there are now palm trees and tall stands of bamboo shoots growing on the beaches. A light wind blows, carrying the leaves gently to new places. This relaxing scene may be nice but it’s just the beginning. To actually get into the tropical dimension you will need to collect the bamboo to make a cup, find a pineapple and chop a few coconuts to make a pina colada. A craftable parasol and deck chair are your next chores. Once you have these items assembled you need only wait until the sky is deep pink at sunset, lounge in you chair and sip your drink. When you wake up you will have been transported to a resort paradise.

The tropical realm has a ton of features. Volcanoes boil gently in their calderas. Large jungle biomes with huge canopies dot the landscape. Under the shade you can find a host of new mobs to chase and collect. Iguanas and frogs of red and green wander amidst the variety of brightly colored flowers. The waters team with schools of tropical fish and man-of-wars. Not all of the mobs are whimsical though. The impish Ashen are tiny sprites wearing tribal masks who will be pesky, though if you defeat them you can collect their masks and wear them.

Tourism and Souvenirs

This realm is full of new materials as well, allowing you to craft a variety of interesting beach themed items. Eudialyte, Zircon and Azurite ores make up the new mineral content to be found under the surface. These ores can be processed into bars and used to create standard weapons and a variety of new arms. Blow guns and darts, spears and daggers will equip you to handle the threats of the jungles. Citrus trees can be harvested to create orchards of lemons, lime, grapefruit and oranges.

The waters of this realm are a bright crystal blue and the distance you can see while swimming is greatly increased. The Tropicraft mod for Minecraft takes advantage of the traditionally underutilized vanilla oceans by allowing you to craft snorkels and flippers for underwater excursions. Fishing nets will let you capture your day’s catch with ease as you explore the new coral reefs.

This is a mod that combines the relaxation of the beach with the adventure of a tropical jungle. It expands the crafting library considerably while offering vast new biomes in which to find the precious ores needed to forge new items. The environmental details, including blowing winds and an array of original plants, come to life in a spectacular way that will have you wanting to play for hours.

Download Tropicraft Mod :

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