Not Enough Items Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 & 1.6.1

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The days of getting lost inside thousands of recipes and inventory items are now over. This is a versatile mod that combines the features of Too Many Items and Recipe Book and eliminates the problems with its predecessors. It expands the Minecraft playing experience exponentially, while streamlining menus and options to prevent players from being overwhelmed.

Holy Inventory Management, Mojang

Immediately, upon opening the inventory with the mod enabled, players will notice that the right side of the screen displays four pages of blocks, items and mob spawners. With a single keyboard stroke, full recipes or crafting lists will display. If one needs to know which items can be created from cobblestone, this mod will show them all. If one needs to know how to make a golden sword, it will display that too.

This level of depth can be confusing, especially to new players and the creator of Not Enough Items Mod took that into account. Basic filtering has been included. Specific types of blocks and items can be hidden or enabled with just a mouse click. A “vanilla” button has also been added. This will hide all non-original Minecraft items from view. It is a simple idea and extremely useful feature.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the search feature cannot be overlooked. This is the feature that makes this mod stand out from other item and inventory mods in Minecraft. Using whole text or partial words, the search function will display all items and recipes that meet the criteria. For example, searching for “gold” will return a list of all items and recipes with the word “gold” in their names

I Have the Power

In addition to inventory management, this mod provides players with a large amount of control. In any other game, this would be considered a god-mode. The time of day, game mode, number and type of mob spawns can all be changed. A magnet mode even changes the basic laws of physics within the world forcing all loot drops and blocks to gravitate to the player automatically.

All of this pales in comparison to the modified enchantment options. Creating a Flaming Sword of Doom has never been easier. The type of enchantment and each enchantments level can be changed on the fly. It may take mere mortals hours to make the ultimate enchanted weapon, but with this mod it will be done in seconds.

Ghasts and Endermen everywhere have been put on notice. Death is coming and it is riding a mine cart called Not To Many Items for Minecraft.

Download Not Enough Items Mod :

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